Inspiration book is a collection of images, materials and articles that interests me. Gathered during a five weeks project, selected content converged into a written story.
The main question of my inspiration book is ‘Do we want technology to lead our lives?’. With sub themes ‘system-overload’, ‘(dis)connected’ and ‘ERROR’. This inspiration book shows my view on and questions our current digitising zeitgeist.  
The world has existed for millions of years, so the existence of us humans is only a very small part of its history. Therefore, we can say technology has been here for a minuscule amount of time. Yet the development in technology is going so fast that it is almost not possible to keep up.
Fascinated by artists making work about technology and society, the topic I want to discuss is the negative side of technology. At its core the huge impact it has had on us humans. It sounds like the perfect reality: technology to make your life easier and more developed. But is this the reality?
Growing up with technology myself, I can’t imagine a world without it. On a daily basis I profit from technology by using my phone as a navigation system, reach the internet for information and take pictures to share a moment. Only the good ones.
As a future brander this is an interesting subject, because it is going to be a major part of my work. Probably for most people. The shops are closing and web shops are opening. It is cheaper to get an app then to get a cab. And why would you buy a book when you have them all on your tablet? Before you know it, technology is doing your job.
I created three themes that are discussing the impact of technology on the world, society and the individual. In this way we focus deeper on the subject each theme. Every theme introduction ends with a question to let the reader think of its own vision and opinion before they are influenced by the following content.