film concept  - storytelling - direction
Just imagine this: you are in a club, dancing, and with the movements you and all the others around you make your garments produce the energy to keep the lights flash and shimmer.
 The story of the film starts at our target group in 2030: they are living in Amsterdam suburb Bijlmer and are sacrificing themselves by living as sustainable and as perfect as possible. Even thought it is their passion, it makes them tired out. They seek for a get-a-way to forget worries and have fun, but without causing any harm. Inspired by the history of our assigned music genre disco, we created the story around escaping by dancing.
Cinematography & edit: Dries Dahbour & Mees Granini . Models: Tailo Neri, Femke Jansen and Melis Kokenek . Team: Nicky Smolenaars, Carina Vollers, Amy Sierra, Zoé van Achte and Denise Bakker